About Us

We believe that all the repetitive task in the world should be automated as it takes the major sector of your life. Our company passionate about the IoT and machine learning to simplify even the smallest part of your life so that you can enjoy the comfort of your life to its full extent. We are innovating the economical solution to make home smart so that everyone reaches the luxury of home automation. For these purposes, we intend to fabricate every solution wireless. An automated home means that you will be able to set certain patterns moreover behaviors for your smart appliances (only use tech when it’s needed). This will result in a significant decrease in power use in your home.

We are very much concern about environmental resources and it’s depletion we are devoted to making home appliances intelligently monitored and programmed to work effortlessly. For example, air conditioners consume a lot of electricity and many people who use it at night, switch it off after a few hours of use. But to do this they have to get up in the middle of the night to switch it off. Additionally switching it off for a long time heats up the room again. Using our app, a timer can be scheduled in such a way that the AC switches on for 20 minutes and switches off for 40 mins in an hour and the process can continue for 8 hours (or total duration of sleep). This can reduce electricity consumption of AC significantly. Also, 20 minutes of cooling can keep the room comfortable for rest 40 mins till the next cycle starts.

I believe machine learning and pattern recognition will lead us to the intelligent system.
Akshay Kalyan Founder & CEO
Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Rishabh Kalyan Founder & CEO
Quantity doesn't matter, What matter's the most is Quality. Branding in great quality brings you best of both worlds.
Sahil Palaha UI/ UX Designer & Branding Manager